Can I Add Default Fields to My Fulfillment?

At this time EZ Fulfill allows you to set default values for two fields:

  • Tracking Company
  • Tracking URL

These fields can be set on your Data Feed under the optional Field Defaults configuration Section.  Default fields are not required, you can still fulfill your orders without setting up any defaults.

Default Tracking Company Name

When fulfilling orders Shopify will build a tracking url based on the tracking company you provide.  We've found the default tracking company to be valuable when used in one of the following ways:

  1. If you're always shipping from the same carrier you can set the name of the carrier in the Default Tracking Company Name field and not map the field to a column in your file.
  2. If you don't have a tracking company or tracking url in your file.  Shopify recommends you set the value to Other.
  3. If you have the tracking company column mapped to a column in your file but sometimes your supplier doesn't populate the value.  You can set a default value in the Default Tracking Company Name field and EZ Fulfill will send the tracking company set in that field whenever the field is blank in your file.

Default Tracking URL

The Default Tracking URL works similarly to the Default Tracking Company Name.  EZ Fulfill will send the tracking url in the Default Tracking URL field to Shopify if the tracking_url field is not mapped or if you have the tracking_url mapped and a blank value is found.  We've found merchants typically use this field for two reasons:

  1. You want to use the same tracking_url for every order.  Some companies use a service to tracking their packages and this url is the same for every order.  We also allow you to append the tracking number to the url which you can use in tandem with the Default Tracking URL.  You should read how this feature works before using it.
  2. You want a default tracking_url to be sent to Shopify if a blank value is found in your file.  You would set this value in the Default Tracking URL field.

Both of these fields are pretty straightforward but if you have questions about how they work or if you would like to see any improvements in the feature please don't hesitate to let us know.

App: EZ Fulfill

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