Can I Filter My Fulfillment Data Feed?

Yes, you can filter data in your source file using the Source Data Filter section on your Data Feed. This allows you to filter the rows in your source file for inclusion. When creating filter rules, if the rule is met the row in your source file will be sent to Shopify for fulfillment, otherwise the row will be skipped.

Filter Types

You can combine multiple filter conditions using the ANY or ALL match condition.  Simply select the match type you want to use from the match type drop down.

If you select the ALL condition (which is the default) all filter conditions MUST MATCH to fulfill the row in your source file.  If you select the ANY condition, one of the filter conditions must match in order to fulfill the row in your source file.

Available Conditions

Below is a list of available conditions with examples:

  • is equal to (e.g. 1 = 1)
  • is not equal to (e.g. 1 != 2)
  • is equal to any (use a comma-separated list of values, e.g. "US" is equal to any of: "US, MX, CA")
  • is not equal to any (use a comma-separated list of values, e.g. "US" is not equal to any of: "AU, GB, CA")
  • contains (e.g. "slippers, shoes, socks" contains "shoes")
  • does not contain (e.g. "slippers, shoes, socks" does not contain "pants")
  • starts with (e.g. "SKU12345" starts with "SKU")
  • ends with (e.g. "SKU12345" ends with "345")
  • is greater than (e.g. 2 > 1)
  • is less than (e.g. 1 < 2)

Field Name Not Found In Source File

If you've set up filters and the field name is not found in your file, EZ Fulfill will filter out the row by default.  This will prevent any rows from being fulfilled by mistake. 

The value in the Field Name input in the Filter Source Data must be found in your source file.  EZ Fulfill expects the value to be in the first row (column header row) of the file.  It's also important to mention that the Field Name is case sensitive so if the case does not match than EZ Fulfill will think the column does not exist in the file.

App: EZ Fulfill

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