Can I Send Tracking Numbers To My Customers With EZ Fulfill?

Yes, you can send your customers their tracking numbers once you've marked your orders fulfilled or when adding tracking numbers using EZ Fulfill. To do this, simply go to the Data Feed you're using and click the Send Fulfillment Receipt option in the Custom Configurations section.

Once you've clicked this option, save your Data Feed and on your next fulfillment your customers will get an email with their tracking number.

When using this option your customers will also get emails if the tracking numbers are added after fulfillment or if you override existing tracking numbers on your order.

Fulfillment Receipt Template

When sending your customers their fulfillment receipt, EZ Fulfill does not actually send the email.  When your order is fulfilled or when you add/update tracking numbers we send Shopify a flag letting them know you want your customer to receive an email.   This means, Shopify is the one who actually sends the email.

We do this so you can use the same email template when manually fulfilling your orders or when you fulfill your orders via EZ Fulfill.  This way you have to maintain a single email template and your customers will receive the same email no matter where you fulfill your orders.

App: EZ Fulfill

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