Can I Mark My Order Paid?

If you're taking payment outside of Shopify and want to mark your order paid after it's fulfilled you can do so using our mark order paid Data Feed option. To mark orders paid, simply click the Mark Order Paid configuration option as displayed below.

Once you've enabled this option, any orders that have a financial status of pending or authorized (your order will show Payment Pending or Authorized) will be marked paid.  If there is any error fulfilling your order, the order will not be marked paid.  

If you have the Mark Order Paid option enabled, EZ Fulfill will try and mark the order paid if you are updating or adding tracking numbers to fulfilled orders as well.

Transaction Details

Shopify does not allow you to change the financial status of your order after the order has been created.  The only way to mark your order paid is by creating transactions on the order.  EZ Fulfill will look for any pending transactions on your order and create a manual transaction with a Type of sale.  

When the order is marked paid, you'll see an entry on your Orders timeline saying that the order is marked paid for the amount that was on the pending transaction.  If you have multiple transactions pending, multiple transactions will be created to satisfy the pending transactions.  If the order is created without any transactions and it's in the pending or authorized state, EZ Fulfill will create a single transaction for the amount of the order.

At this time we do not support marking partially paid orders as paid.

Mark Order Paid Errors

If your order is successfully fulfilled, EZ Fulfill will then try and mark your order paid.  If for some reason Shopify returns an error when marking your order paid, the order will STILL be fulfilled but the order will not be marked paid and no transactions will be created.  EZ Fulfill will NOT rollback your fulfillment, meaning the order will still be marked fulfilled.

If you do not see your order marked as paid, you can check the Activity Log of your fulfillment to see what's happened.  There are two columns on the Activity Log Details page that will display the status of your order update.  

As you can see above, there is a column called Order Marked Paid Status and Order Marked Paid Message.  These two columns will tell you if the order was successfully marked paid and will display the error message in the Order Marked Paid Message column.

If your order is successfully marked paid, the Order Marked Paid Status will be marked SUCCESS and you'll see your Order display Paid in Shopify. 

If you have any questions about how this feature works, don't hesitate to reach out and let us know.

App: EZ Fulfill

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