How can I fulfill my orders with different tracking numbers?

There are many situations when your order may need to be shipped in multiple packages. So when fulfilling your order you may need to create your fulfillment with multiple tracking numbers or even multiple tracking companies.

When doing so, you need to make sure you fulfill your orders by their product SKU and quantity. This will allow EZ Fulfill to break each item on your order into the proper fulfillment. To do this, you must map the tracking_number and tracking_company on the Tracking tab of your Data Feed. You may also map the tracking_url if you'd like. If you do not map the tracking_url, Shopify will try and generate a tracking URL for you.

Mapping Tracking Number, Company and URL

Any rows in your CSV file that have the same tracking_number and tracking_company will be a part of the same fulfillment. Below is a sample order that has all of it's line items in the same fulfillment.

CSV with same tracking numbers

As you can see above, we have three items on our order and all of them have the same tracking_number and tracking_company. We're also fulfilling the entire line item for each product on the order. After we run the CSV file through EZ Fulfill the order will look like this in Shopify:

Order with a single fulfillment

As you can see above the order is marked fulfilled and all of the line items are in one fulfillment with the same tracking_number and tracking_company. This is a pretty straight forward example, lets look at adding multiple tracking numbers from the same tracking company.

Adding Multiple Tracking Numbers To A Single Fulfillment

EZ Fulfill can mark your orders fulfilled and have all tracking numbers added to a single fulfillment.  To do this simply add multiple rows in your file with the same order number and different tracking numbers and configure your Data Settings as we explained above.

Do note that the tracking numbers must all have the same tracking company as Shopify only allows you to associate a single company to each fulfillment. 

Once you have your file setup correctly, you'll want to fulfill your orders by order number only, so DO NOT map the SKU and Quantity of the order otherwise EZ Fulfill will think each tracking number should be it's own fulfillment.  If, however, you would like to add tracking numbers from multiple tracking companies, you will need to fulfill your orders by SKU and Quantity as explained below because Shopify only allows us to associate a single tracking company to each fulfillment.

Fulfill Order With Multiple Tracking Numbers By SKU and Quantity

Now, if we want to fulfill a similar order as above but put one of the line items in another fulfillment we can do so by changing either the tracking_number or the tracking_company in our CSV file. To keep things simple, we'll change the tracking number and assume we'll be using the same company for our shipments.

CSV file with different tracking numbers

As you can see above, line item with SKU SKU-Broom7652 has a different tracking_number from the rest of the line items in the CSV file. This will cause EZ Fulfill to create a second fulfillment with the other tracking_number and associated line items. The order will look like this in Shopify:

Order with Multiple Fulfillments

As you can see above, multiple fulfillments were created on the order. They are broken up by the tracking_number for the order.

You can break up your line items as you see fit as long as you do so by the tracking_number and tracking_company. Remember this can only be done if you are fulfilling your orders by the product SKUs on the orders themselves. If you fulfill your orders without mapping the SKU and quantity, the entire order will be fulfilled using a single fulfillment.

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