How Do I Add A Carrier To My Fulfillment?

Most of the time when creating fulfillments you'll want to add a carrier with your fulfillment. This will allow you to add the properly link with your tracking number and it will also tell Shopify to set the shipping status. If you do not have the carrier, you can still add your tracking numbers but the shipment status may be incorrect as Shopify uses the presence of a carrier to update the shipment status.

Shopify also using the tracking company/carrier field to build the tracking link on the Shopify Order page and when sending out notifications to your customer letting them know their order has been fulfilled.

Default Company/Carrier

If you're using the same carrier for all of your orders you can use the Default Tracking Company Name field to set the name of the carrier you're using to ship your orders.  This way you don't have to worry about having the field in your CSV or Excel file when doing your fulfillments.

If you do map a tracking company name in your file but the field is blank, EZ Fulfill will use the Default Tracking Company Name name when sending your fulfillment data to Shopify.

Mapping The Tracking Company

If you're sending orders out via multiple carriers, you'll want to map a column in your file to Shopify's tracking company field.  Again, this is the field that Shopify uses to identify the carrier and build the tracking URL's.  In order to map the column in your file to the tracking company field go to the Tracking data tab in the Field Mapping section of your Data Feed.  Here you'll see a form field to add the column name that has your tracking number, tracking company and tracking URL.  

If you do not have the tracking URL for your order, you can simply add the tracking number and the tracking company and Shopify will build the tracking URL for you.  Most merchants only provide the tracking company name and tracking numbers.

If You Do Not Have A Tracking Company In Your File

If you do not have a tracking company with your uploaded file Shopify recommends that you add Other as the tracking company.  To do this simply go to the Default Tracking Company Name field as described above and add Other in the field.

App: EZ Fulfill

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