My Source File Name Is Based on a Date, How Can I Pull the File?

If you're working with our scheduler you may want to fetch your file based on the date (and time) in the filename. You may have another system that is writing a file to an FTP/SFTP server, Dropbox or Amazon S3 within a specific time frame. If this is the case, we can support you by allowing variables in your file name.

On your Data Feed you'll see an area in the Source Data section called File Path. In this area, you can type the file pattern needed to fetch your file. Data Feed File Path

EZ Fulfill supports a set of variables when creating your file path. You can use the following variables when constructing your file path and name:

  • {{ YYYY }} - the current year (e.g. 2018)
  • {{ MM }} - the current month (e.g. 09)
  • {{ DD }} - the current day (e.g. 21)
  • {{ HH }} - the current hour (e.g. 10)

Something like this would allow EZ Importer to pull your file based on the current date.

fulfillment_{{ YYYY }}{{ MM }}{{ DD }}.csv

This will allow you to setup your file path so EZ Fulfill can pull your file by the date in the file name.

App: EZ Fulfill

Tags: faq, ftp, dropbox