Which order number field should I use?

When fulfilling your orders, EZ Fulfill needs to associate the fulfillment to an order in Shopify.  Shopify allows you to look up orders using the Shopify Order ID or the Shopify Order Number.  These fields can be mapped in the Field Mapping section of your Data Feed.

As you can see above, we support two types of order id look ups when searching for your orders.

  1. Shopify Order ID - This is Shopify's order id. This number is the order id that is generated by Shopify when the order is created and is typically found in the URL in the Shopify order admin.  This number will look something like this 2089180692543
  2. Shopify Order Number - This is the order name that is used on your order. You can provide this number with or without your prefix. This is the id used by the shop owner and the customer.  When EZ Fulfill uses this number to look your order, it uses the name field on the Shopify Order API.  This number will look something like this #1001.  The number is not required to start with a #.

The Shopify Order Number is the number we've seen the majority of our customers use.  This field is set by default and is the field you should use if the order number in your fulfillment CSV file is the one that is visiable on your Order.

Below is an example order to help you identify which Shopify id you should map to which field in EZ Fulfill.

If you have any other questions about which field you should map, please don't hesitate to let us know.  We'd be happy to help.

App: EZ Fulfill

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