How can I partially fulfill my order?

Yes, you can partially fulfill your orders with EZ Fulfill. In order to partially fulfill your orders you must map your product's SKU and the quantity which you are fulfilling.

Mapping Product SKU and Quantity

The first step in partially fulfilling your order is mapping the product SKU and quantity to the appropriate columns in your CSV file.

Mapping Product SKU and quantity

To map the product SKU and quantity put the name of the columns in your CSV file that hold the correct values. Once you add the column headers to the CSV Column Header Name fields, your field mapping is set. Save or update your mapping and your done.

We require your product SKU and quantity to be mapped together. If you do not map both of these fields you will get an error.

Fulfilling Your Orders

After you've updated your Data Feed, you're ready to run your fulfillment. EZFulfill will look for all orders with the same SKU and create fulfillments for them. Fulfillments are built using the tracking number and tracking company provided with your CSV file. The product SKUs will be added to the fulfillment based on the tracking number and tracking company associated with each row. For more details on how fulfillments are built click here.

App: EZ Fulfill

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