EZ Exporter Update: New Function for Combining Lists/Arrays

We've just added a new function called join_lists() to our EZ Exporter app.

This new function will allow you to combine values from two separate lists where you can specify a separator between values and also between group of values.

For example, you might have the following lists of values on your Shopify store:

# Lineitem Tax Lines - Titles (line_items.tax_lines.title)
NY State Tax,New York County Tax,New York Municipal Tax

# Lineitem Tax Lines - Rates (line_items.tax_lines.rate)

Using the join_lists() …

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Export Your Shopify Data Directly to an Amazon S3 Bucket (AWS) With EZ Exporter

Amazon S3 (Simple Storage Service) has been around since 2006 and the first service Amazon launched in production for its Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud platform.

We use Amazon S3 here at Highview Apps ourselves for securely storing all kinds of files for our apps (we use encryption both in transit and at rest). It's a very reliable service and widely used around the world. Companies of all sizes use it, from tiny one-person startups to big corporations with thousands …

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Export Shopify Draft Orders With EZ Exporter

We've received a few requests a couple months ago from our customers to be able to automatically export Shopify Draft Orders with our EZ Exporter app.

The use cases were interesting and something we've never thought of. For example, one of our customers use Draft Orders when creating wholesale orders and they needed our app to be able to automatically export these in CSV format and sent to their supplier.

Shopify's documentation actually has a nice list of potential use …

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Export Manual and Automated Shopify Collections With EZ Exporter

For some time now, EZ Exporter has supported "smart" and "custom" collections export via the product export.

However, we realized this wasn't enough as we've gotten requests from our customers to be able to only export the Shopify Collections data without the product data. So that's what we did.

We're happy to announce that EZ Exporter now supports a dedicated Collections export, where our customers can export all the collection fields provided by the Shopify API such as the …

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EZ Exporter: Built-In Export Templates Now Available

EZ Exporter just got easier to use!

We're really excited to announce that our app now has support for built-in templates, making it super-easy to get started with our app! Just select a template and a pair of Export Profile and Data Settings will be created from that template, with most (if not all) of the things you'll most likely need already configured for you. You can then modify them at any time to customize them further.

It's also a …

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