Export Shopify Collections With EZ Exporter

We've recently pushed an update to our Shopify app EZ Exporter to allow our users to export their Shopify Colelctions data.

When exporting products or orders, you will now see additional fields related to "smart collections" and "custom collections."

"Smart Collections" are basically the collections where you specify a rule or set of rules to automatically add products in those collections. "Custom Collections" are the collections where you've added the products manually.

Here's a sample of what these look like the Shopify Admin:

Shopify Collections - Smart and custom

We added support for collection fields as we've received a request from one of our customers where they wanted to be able to see the collection names in their order exports in which the ordered items belong to as the items are customized based on the collection name. They also needed to be able to create separate order exports based on the collection for monthly reporting which they send to their clients. Having these options would save them a lot of time.

We thought this was a really good use case and something that could be very valuable for our other customers as well.

Here are a few other use cases that we can think of:

  • Generate a product export by collection
  • Generating a CSV for bulk importing of products with associated collections from one Shopify store to another
  • Moving products from one custom collection to another
  • If you make frequent changes to your collections you can use EZ Exporter to automatically run an export on schedule which could serve as backups
  • Generate sales/order reports by collection
  • Send order CSV exports to different vendors based on the collection

To use these options, you just need to select or reference the following new fields in the Data Settings:

EZ Exporter - Shopify Collections Fields

Many of these fields are also now available in the Custom Filters section:

EZ Exporter - Shopify Collections Filters

If you have any questions about these, please don't hesitate to reach out!

Update (January 6, 2019): A dedicated Collections export is now available.

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