Export Manual and Automated Shopify Collections With EZ Exporter

For some time now, EZ Exporter has supported "smart" and "custom" collections export via the product export.

However, we realized this wasn't enough as we've gotten requests from our customers to be able to only export the Shopify Collections data without the product data. So that's what we did.

We're happy to announce that EZ Exporter now supports a dedicated Collections export, where our customers can export all the collection fields provided by the Shopify API such as the title, handle, description/HTML body, published status, etc.

EZ Exporter - Shopify CSV Exporter - Collections Export Settings

Just like our other types of data export, the Collections export supports custom fields, calculated fields, metafields, and advanced filtering as well. Our customers can also export both "smart" (automated) and "custom" (manual) collections together in one CSV file or separate them by filtering by collection type.

We've added new templates as well specifically for generating Collections-type reports to make it easy for our customers to get started.

Tags: new features, shopify, csv export, ez exporter, reporting