Export Shopify Draft Orders With EZ Exporter

We've received a few requests a couple months ago from our customers to be able to automatically export Shopify Draft Orders with our EZ Exporter app.

The use cases were interesting and something we've never thought of. For example, one of our customers use Draft Orders when creating wholesale orders and they needed our app to be able to automatically export these in CSV format and sent to their supplier.

Shopify's documentation actually has a nice list of potential use cases for Draft Orders:

  • Create new orders for sales made by phone, in person, via chat, or by other means. Credit card payments for these orders can subsequently be entered in the Shopify admin.
  • Send invoices to customers to pay with a secure checkout link.
  • Use custom items to represent additional costs or products that aren't displayed in a shop's inventory.
  • Re-create mistaken orders.
  • Sell products at discount or wholesale rates.
  • Take pre-orders.

While we were a bit hesitant in the beginning to prioritize adding this feature as we've only gotten a handful of requests for it, we decided to go ahead as it seems like it could add a lot of value. We're happy to announce that this feature is now live in EZ Exporter!

EZ Exporter - Export Shopify Draft Orders

Just like the other types of data export, Draft Orders export support all the advanced functionalities such as being able to add custom fields, calculated fields, metafields, and use advanced filtering.

Tags: new features, shopify, csv export, ez exporter, reporting