EZ Inventory: Option to Specify the Minute in Hourly Sync Schedules

We've just pushed out an update to EZ Inventory to allow our users to specify the "minute" portion of the hourly sync schedule.

In the past, all inventory update jobs scheduled to run hourly will start at the top of the hour. However, we've seen a case recently where a supplier's feed also gets updated/rebuilt hourly at the same minute, which sometimes causes the job to fail as the feed wasn't yet ready and had incomplete data.

With this update, …

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EZ Inventory: Quickly Export Your Shopify Product and Inventory Data to CSV

We've recently pushed an update to EZ Inventory to allow our users to export their Shopify product data to CSV.

This option allows our users to quickly do a bulk update of the inventory quantities of their product variants:

  1. In the Products page, click the "Export to CSV" button.
  2. Open the file in Excel or another spreadsheet app and update the quantities.
  3. Re-upload back in EZ Inventory for a bulk update.

You can of course do a product export from …

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Much Ado About SKUs

Whether you're a long standing e-commerce store or a new one, there are a few things that you know are important to maintaining organization within your store. This is true for e-commerce or brick-and-mortar as well. No matter the medium, no matter the length of time in business, there are a few things to which all stores should adhere. In this case, if you have any sort of inventory that you're moving, having a SKU system in place is one …

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Automate and Bulk Update Your Shopify Inventory From Excel With EZ Inventory

We've recently added Microsoft Excel support to EZ Inventory. This means that you can now use Excel files to update your inventory data in addition to CSV/TSV/TXT files. Both XLS and XLSX formats are supported.

We added the feature based on a request from one of our customers. CSV would've worked fine for them as well but they had to do an additional step on their side to convert the feed to CSV from its original Excel format. The …

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EZ Inventory: Faster Updates of the Product Listing Page with Shopify Webhooks

We've recently implemented listening to Shopify webhooks in our app EZ Inventory. This allows our app to capture the changes from your Shopify store almost instantly (usually within just a few seconds of the change).

For example, if you change the SKU or barcode of a variant via the Shopify admin, the Shopify API will notify our servers of this change so that variant record can be updated with the latest data in our database as well.

We've had …

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