EZ Inventory: Quickly Export Your Shopify Product and Inventory Data to CSV

We've recently pushed an update to EZ Inventory to allow our users to export their Shopify product data to CSV.

This option allows our users to quickly do a bulk update of the inventory quantities of their product variants:

  1. In the Products page, click the "Export to CSV" button.
  2. Open the file in Excel or another spreadsheet app and update the quantities.
  3. Re-upload back in EZ Inventory for a bulk update.

You can of course do a product export from the Shopify Admin as well, but it typically requires more steps, such as waiting for an email with a zipped attachment and having to unzip the file. The Shopify product CSV also contains a lot more columns than you need to do a bulk inventory update.

Quickly Export Shopify Product Variant and Inventory Data to CSV via EZ Inventory

EZ Inventory - Quickly Export Shopify Product Data to CSV

The "Products" page has some preset filters you can set as well, such us filtering the table to only show out-of-stock items. The "Export to CSV" button will respect these filters so you can do basic reporting like this if needed.

If you need more advanced reporting, please see our EZ Exporter app.

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