EZ Inventory: Faster Updates of the Product Listing Page with Shopify Webhooks

We've recently implemented listening to Shopify webhooks in our app EZ Inventory. This allows our app to capture the changes from your Shopify store almost instantly (usually within just a few seconds of the change).

For example, if you change the SKU or barcode of a variant via the Shopify admin, the Shopify API will notify our servers of this change so that variant record can be updated with the latest data in our database as well.

We've had a process in EZ Inventory since the beginning that automatically pulls the latest product data from the Shopify store periodically. However, we realize this is not enough as we've had users doing tests using their development stores where they would add new products or update the SKU and then run the inventory sync. But our app hasn't pulled that data yet so they weren't able to sync that record right away and had to wait until our automated process has ran and updated our database with the new data. As you can see, this can be frustrating for the user.

This update makes that process much smoother. Everything happens in the background automatically so the user doesn't have to do anything extra for this to work. Our product database will stay in-sync with their Shopify store's.

We've also added the "Qty" field in our product listing table which also gets updated regularly as the inventory changes in Shopify. This includes the scenario when you get new orders and the inventory quantity goes down.

EZ Inventory - Shopify Product Listing Page

We really hope this update makes the user experience of using EZ Inventory better and if you have any feedback please feel free to reach out!

Tags: shopify, ez inventory, inventory management, engineering