Can I automatically set the inventory quantity to 0 for an item that was removed from my supplier's feed?

EZ Inventory will only update the product variants in Shopify if they exist in the inventory feed. If an item were removed from your supplier's feed, no update would occur in Shopify for this item.

We currently don't provide an option to set the quantity to 0 for variants in Shopify that don't exist in the feed as it's a bit dangerous and a mistake could result in every variant in Shopify getting set to 0 (such as if you accidentally map the wrong field/column or if there's a bug with the feed or if the feed had empty/incomplete data as it was in the process of getting updated when the inventory sync ran).

However, what you might want to do in this case is set the quantity in Shopify to 0 ahead of time when the inventory level from the supplier's feed is already low.

For example, we have users that would set their inventory quantity in Shopify to 0 if the quantity in their supplier's feed is less than 5.

You can set this in the Data Feed settings under the Field Mapping section.  There's an option for "Use a formula to determine quantity" where you can enter a formula like below:

0 if {{ Quantity }} < 5 else {{ Quantity }}

The formula above will use the quantity of 0 if the value of the "Quantity" field/column in your inventory feed is less than 5.  Otherwise, the original quantity shown in the inventory feed will be used.

Since multiple merchants are likely using the same supplier feed, it could be a good idea to do something like this as there's always a chance other merchants would've already sold the remaining items.  This way, you reduce the chances of selling an item that already went out of stock (especially if your supplier doesn't update their feed that frequently).

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