EZ Inventory Subscription Plans

The following features are available in ALL plans:

  • Schedule an automated sync as frequently as every 1 hour. Please note that depending on the size of your feed, it may take more than 1 hour to process it so you may need to use a slower frequency like every 2 or 3 or 4 hours instead if that's the case. Expect an update rate of roughly 1-2 variants/second for non-Shopify Plus stores (Plus stores can expect 2-4 variants/second) due to Shopify API call limits.
  • FTP & SFTP Feed support.
  • Web Feed support (you can use a Dropbox, Google Drive, Amazon S3 shared link as well, basic auth is supported).
  • Unlimited manual updates.
  • Data Feed Filters (only update items matching the specified conditions).
  • Quantity Formulas (allows you to set a fixed value, do computation using multiple columns, conditional logic, etc.).

The main differences in the plans are the number of variants and data feeds. All prices are in USD.

Note: Variants are based on the total number of variants in your Shopify store. You can update all of them as many times as you need. So if you have 4,000 variants in your store, you'll need to select the Standard Plan and there's no limit on the number of times you can update those variants.

Basic Plan ($19.95/month)

  • 2,500 Variants
  • 3 Data Feeds / Scheduled Tasks

Professional Plan ($49.95/month)

  • 10,000 Variants
  • 10 Data Feeds / Scheduled Tasks

Advanced Plan ($99.95/month)

  • 25,000 Variants
  • 15 Data Feeds / Scheduled Tasks

Premium Plan ($149.95/month)

  • 50,000 Variants
  • 20 Data Feeds / Scheduled Tasks

App: EZ Inventory

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