How can I bulk fulfill orders from Dropbox?

EZ Fulfill can read your fulfillment file from Dropbox and process it using our integrations section. In order to fulfill orders from a specified Dropbox folder, you first need to give EZ Fulfill access to your Dropbox account.

Connecting to Dropbox

In order for EZ Fulfill to read files from your Dropbox account, you first need to give EZ Fulfill access to your account. Click the Integrations menu item on the left-hand navigation menu to do this.

Dropbox Integration Menu

This will bring you to our Dropbox accounts page. This page will list any Dropbox accounts you have linked with EZ Fulfill. You can connect multiple Dropbox accounts if needed.

Integrate with Dropbox

When you first come to this page, you'll see an empty table since you haven't linked a Dropbox account yet. To link your Dropbox account with EZ Fulfill, click the blue Connect Dropbox Account button to get started. This will open a new window to Dropbox's authentication workflow. If you are not already logged into Dropbox, you will be prompted for your username and password (this is Dropbox asking you for your username and password. EZ Fulfill will never ask you for your Dropbox username or password).

Once you log into your account and give our Dropbox app access to your account, you'll be redirected to the Dropbox accounts page and will see your account info.

Configure Your Data Feed For Dropbox

Now that you have your Dropbox account linked with EZ Fulfill, you can use Dropbox to pull your files from your Dropbox account. Go to the Data Feed you plan on using with Dropbox and scroll down to the Source Data section. Click Dropbox from the Source Type field.

Configure Your Dropbox Account

Once you click Dropbox from the Feed Type menu, you'll see a Dropbox Account menu show up. Select the Dropbox account you want to use with your Data Feed from here.

Schedule Your Dropbox Fulfillment

Like our other feed types, you can automatically schedule your bulk fulfillment to pull your files from Dropbox using the Scheduler section.

If you choose to automate your bulk fulfillment from Dropbox, we highly recommend configuring EZ Fulfill to move the files after they've been processed.

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