How Can I Fulfill Orders From an Amazon S3 Bucket (AWS)?

EZ Fulfill can read your fulfillment file from Amazon S3 and process it using our integrations section. In order to Fulfill orders from a specified Amazon S3 Bucket you first need to give EZ Fulfill access to your AWS account.

Connecting To Your AWS Account

Under Integrations -> Amazon S3, Simply enter the bucket name, region, AWS Access Key ID, and AWS Secret Access Key as shown below:

Configuring your Fulfillment

Then in the Data Feed settings, under Source Data -> Feed Type, simply choose Amazon S3 as the feed type and assign the bucket settings you created.  You'll also need to add the File Path where EZ Fulfill needs to read your file:

After you've selected your Amazon S3 account, you can setup the File Path and Schedule as you would with an FTP/SFTP server or Dropbox. You can also move the file after it's been processed in our post processing section of the Data Feed. To read more about post processing after your file has been successfully run, click here.

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