Mark Orders Paid With EZ Fulfill

We're excited to announce that you can now mark your Shopify orders paid when fulfilling orders with EZ Fulfill.  This has been on our road map since we launched and we think this will help merchants who need to automatically fulfill their orders on Shopify.

Many Shopify merchants capture payment using a third party and have the order flow into Shopify.  This means Shopify may authorize the payment but the payment isn't actually taken in Shopify.  The payment may even be marked …

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Update Multiple Tracking Numbers with EZ Fulfill

EZ Fulfill allows Shopify merchants to fulfill their orders and update tracking numbers automatically using FTP, SFTP and Dropbox.  With our latest release you can now upload multiple tracking numbers to a single fulfillment.

Many merchants want the flexibility to create a single fulfillment with multiple tracking numbers on their Shopify order.  This allows you to send a single tracking email to your customers with all of their tracking numbers.  Previously EZ Fulfill allowed you to upload multiple tracking numbers only with …

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Tag Your Fulfilled Orders With EZ Fulfill

We're excited to announce that you can now tag your fulfilled orders using EZ Fulfill.  Adding tags will help you organize and find your orders in the Shopify admin.  Once you've added tags, they can be used to search and filter your orders.  Even though customers can't see the tags on your orders, they're extremely valuable for your team.

Tagging Your Orders

Tagging your orders works like the rest of the fulfillment fields in the app.  To tag your …

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Filter Your Source File Data With EZ Fulfill

Some merchants who use our fulfillment app, EZ Fulfill, have a single file for all of their warehouses or their file may contain orders they don't want fulfilled.  For this reason we've added the ability to filter data from your input file.  

The filter allows you to determine which rows in your file should be read for fulfillment.  You can create multiple filters and determine if you want the rows to match any or all criteria that you specify.  …

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EZ Exporter Update: New Function for Combining Lists/Arrays

We've just added a new function called join_lists() to our EZ Exporter app.

This new function will allow you to combine values from two separate lists where you can specify a separator between values and also between group of values.

For example, you might have the following lists of values on your Shopify store:

# Lineitem Tax Lines - Titles (line_items.tax_lines.title)
NY State Tax,New York County Tax,New York Municipal Tax

# Lineitem Tax Lines - Rates (line_items.tax_lines.rate)

Using the join_lists() …

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