Can I Add Locations To My Order?

Yes, at this time you can add a location to your order. We support adding a location by providing the location_id on the order. To add the location_id to your import, you'll need to map the location_id on the Order Details tab in your data mapping.

Map location_id

Once you've updated your data mapping and associated the location_id field with the column in your CSV file you can click the Save or Update button on your data mapping.

Where Can I Find The Location Id?

At this time we do not support adding the location by name. So you'll have to look up your stores location_id in your Shopify admin. This is pretty easy to get. From your Shopify admin, you'll want to navigate to the "settings" link in the lower left-hand corner. Once you're there, click on "Locations"

Locations In Your Shopify Admin

Next, to view the location id, you'll want to click on the location you need the ID for and then view the URL. The last part of the URL containing numbers is the value you're looking for. You'll want to copy this number and add it to your CSV file in the location_id column in order to import this information.

Can I Set The Location On My Fulfillments?

At this time (we plan on releasing a feature to allow you to import your tracking numbers with the fulfillment location in the future) we only support adding the location_id to the order. This will NOT set the location on any of your fulfillments. If you import your orders with a fulfillment_status of fulfilled, Shopify will create a single fulfillment for your Order and it will use the default store location as the location of the fulfillment.

When you provide the location_id on the Order Details tab, we set the location_id on the Order itself not any fulfillments that may be created. This means the location_id will not be associated with the your fulfillments at all. If you set the location_id to a location other than the store default, it will be different from the fulfillments that are created on import.

How Can I See My Order Location?

Shopify does not display the location of the Order on the Shopify admin anywhere. This field can be read via the API so other apps that you have installed may use this value if needed. The best way to check and see if the location_id was created successfully is by looking at the JSON data of the order. In order to do this you can go to your order in the Shopify admin and append .json to the end of the URL. From hear search for the location_id field and you should be able to see if the location_id you provided in your CSV was successfully saved to the order. For more information about looking at your orders JSON data click here.

App: EZ Importer

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