Column header missing from your file

When importing your orders, you may get an error saying a column header is missing from your import file.  This error means you have a column mapped in your data mapping to a column that doesn't exist in your file.

Missing Column Error

What's This Error Mean?

In the screenshot above, it says that "Order Name" is missing from your import file. As you can see below we have the Order Name field mapped to the Shopify field called order number. However, the Column Header Order Name isn't in our CSV file.

Order Number Mapping

When EZ Importer reads the CSV file it looks for a column header in the file uploaded called Order Name. Since the column doesn't exist in the uploaded file, EZ Importer can not send that field to Shopify.

CSV Column Headers

How To Fix The Error

To resolve the error you can either remap the field in your data mapping to a column that does exist in your file or you can add a new column (using the column name you put in your data mapping) and re-upload your file.

App: EZ Importer

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