My order imported, but I don't see it in Shopify

If you've successfully imported your order but can't find the order in your Shopify admin, you can easily get to the order from our view import page. From the home page click the name of the order or View button under the actions column in the Orders Imported section. This will bring you to the View import page after the order has successfully imported. Scroll down to the Imported Data section of the page. Here you'll see a list of the first 100 orders that were imported. Click on the link in the Shopify Order Name column.

Open Order In Shopify Admin

This will open a new tab and bring you to the Order page in your Shopify admin.

Sometimes orders can be hard to find because of your active filters. If an order was imported with a date from the past, it may also not be on the first few pages of your Shopify admin. Clicking the link to the order will help naviage you to the order itself.

App: EZ Importer

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