Can I Replace Values In My CSV File Before Sending It To Shopify?

Sometimes data may not match exactly what Shopify expects.  This is especially true when trying to import data from another platform.  They may call their fulfillment status shipped, while Shopify calls it fulfilled.  This can make importing your data pretty painful as you may have to update your file directly before importing your data.  You can now replace these values with our Replace CSV Value Configuration on your data mapping.

Mapping Your Replace CSV Value Configuration

In order to replace values in your CSV file, first go to the data mapping you are using to import your file.  You'll see a section called Replace CSV Value Configuration (Optional) towards the bottom of the data mapping.  By default this section is collapsed, simply click the section header to expand it.

You'll see three input boxes under the Replace CSV Value Configuration (Optional) heading.  The input box on the left is where you need to add the column name, from your CSV file, that has the value that needs to be replaced.  The second (or middle) text box is where you will add the value that needs to be replaced.  Lastly, the text box to the far right is where you will put the replacement value. 

For example, if you have a column in your CSV file called Fulfillment Status and you want EZ Importer to replace any shipped values with fulfilled you would put Fulfillment Status in the first text box, shipped in the second and fulfilled in the third.  It would look like this below.

When setting up your configuration, the column names MUST BE mapped in the Fields section of the Data Mapping or you will get an error. You should also note that column values in your CSV file are case sensitive. So please make sure to correctly add the name of your column when setting up your configuration as the columns case does matter.  

Replacing CSV Values in Multiple Columns

If you would like to replace values in more than one column in your CSV file, click the Add More button in the Replace CSV Value Configuration section of the data mapping.

This will bring up an additional set of input boxes for you to configure.

App: EZ Importer

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