Fulfillment Status Invalid

When importing your orders If you get an error saying Fulfillment status invalid, this means you did not provide the proper fulfillment_status to Shopify. Shopify requires a specific set of values for the fulfillment status.

There are two fulfillment status fields in Shopify. There is the fulfillment status on the Order itself and there is a fulfillment status on the Line Items. You can add the fulfillment status for the entire order or on the line item, this is up to you. The valid values for this field are below.

  1. fulfilled
  2. unfulfilled
  3. pending
  4. restocked (this is valid for the fulfillment status on the Order ONLY)

Any other values you provide for the fulfillment status will come back with an error from Shopify. If you'd like to know what each fulfillment status represents you can hover over the question mark next to the field in your data mapping or click on the image below.

Fulfillment Status

If you want your orders to be imported as unfulfilled, you do not need to import/map the fulfillment_status as Shopify defaults your orders to unfulfilled.

App: EZ Importer

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