How To Properly Format Your Dates On Import

When working with date fields we recommend you use ISO 8601 Format, however we do realize that not all systems may be able to support this format type so we also allow other formats.

The time part of a date field is not required. If you do not supply a time with a date field we default the time to 12:00AM of the date provided.

Some Formatting Examples

  1. ISO 8601 Format: 20170701T13:00
  2. ISO 8601 Format no time: 20170701
  3. Month/Year/Day format: 07/01/2017
  4. Month/Day/Year 24 Hour Clock: 07/01/2017 13:00
  5. Month/Day/Year AM/PM Clock: 07/01/2017 1:00PM
  6. Month-Year-Day format: 07-01-2017
  7. Month-Day-Year 24 Hour Clock: 07-01-2017 13:00
  8. Month-Day-Year AM/PM Clock: 07-01-2017 1:00PM

If you do not provide a timezone with a date field EZ Importer will use the timezone that is associated with your Shopify account. If you are comfortable with ISO 8601 Format and would like to provide a UTC offset you can do this as well. Our date fields support the full ISO 8601 Format.

Handling Ambiguous Dates

Sometimes the dates you provide are ambiguous which makes it hard to determine which value is the day, month or year.  In order to handle this we have a date format setting on your data mapping.  By default EZ Importer assumes the date format is in month day year format.  This means, if the date is ambiguous we default to the first value being the month, the second the day and the last the year.

If the dates you're providing with your import do not match this format you can let EZ Importer know which date format you are using by changing the date format drop down.

We support the following date formats when importing your orders:

  • Month Day Year.  This is the default format used by the app and assumes the month is the first value in the date if ambiguous.
  • Day Month Year.  This is the Day first option and means the app will assume the day is the first value in the date if ambiguous.
  • Year Month Day.  This is the Year first option and means the app will assume the year is the first value in the date if ambiguous.
  • Year Day Month.  This is the Year first, then Day option and means the app will assume the year is the first value and the day is the second if ambiguous.

EZ Importer will do it's best to read your date format based on the string you provide and it can read most formats.  If however the app can't figure out which part of the date is the month, day or year it will use the settings in the date format option to make this determination.

If you have further questions about your date values, the date formats or why the date values imported may not match what's in your file don't hesitate to reach out and let us know.

App: EZ Importer

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