Importing Note Attributes and Line Item Properties

Working with Note Attributes and Line Item Properties can be challenging. Both are custom fields that allow you to provide data in a key/value format. This means you can provide a label and the labels value with your order.

When importing these fields we've made a decision to accept two types of formats. You can pass the fields in json format or you pass them in the format Shopify uses when they export the fields. Let's give an example. Let's say you have 2 note attributes (these formats work for line item properties as well), Engrave and Expedite Shipping. You want to ensure these labels and their values are sent with your order. You can provide them in either of these two formats.


Example format:

[{"name": "Engrave", "value": "Happy Birthday"}, {"name": "Expedite Shipping": "value": "No"}]

When working with the json you'll need to provide the fields using the name and value keys. Since we are sending the json to the Shopify API you must provide both of these keys. If your not sure if the json data in your import is valid you can validate it using json lint.


Example format:

Engrave: Happy Birthday

Expedited Shipping: No

When working with the Shopify format the fields need to be separated using a single colon. You don't have to label anything using the name/value keys. Here you just pass in the label and the value separated with a colon. Each line should be separated with a carriage return.

We realize this is a bit advanced and a little complicated. We understand this may be challenging for users exporting orders from other systems. If you have questions about the format or are getting errors when importing feel free to contact us and we can do our best to help.

App: EZ Importer

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