My import is automatically marked as paid, how can I mark it as unpaid?

By default Shopify marks all orders as paid when doing an import. In order to change this you'll need to provide the financial status field with your import. You can do this by selecting the financial_status Shopify Field in your data mapping. This field can be found on the Order Details tab.

Financial Status Data Mapping

Once you've selected the field you'll want to add the column header you are using in your csv field so the field is properly mapped. From here you'll need to make sure the value in the financial status field is set as pending.

Financial Status CSV

Now you are ready to import your unpaid order. Shopify also supports other financial status values when doing an import. Below is a list of valid finacial status values that Shopify accepts.

  1. pending: The finances are pending. Payment might fail in this state. Check again to confirm whether or not the finances have been paid successfully.
  2. authorized: The finances have been authorized.
  3. partially_paid: The finances have been partially paid.
  4. paid: The finances have been paid.
  5. partially_refunded: The finances have been partially refunded.
  6. refunded: The finances have been refunded.
  7. voided: The finances have been voided.

App: EZ Importer

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