I got the following error: "Customer Email Invalid". How can I fix it?

This means the email address associated with the order is not valid. Shopify validates any email address you map to the email field. If the domain name of the email address is not valid the order will fail to import.

Email Invalid

To be a little more specific, Shopify checks to see if the email address provided with your import has a valid MX or A record associated with it. If the email addresses can not be resolved by DNS lookup, they will be rendered invalid.

There are two ways you can fix this error. You can provide a dummy email address with the orders that fail. This however, would take away the aspect of communicating with your customer. If this is not important to you, adding a dummy email address could be the right solution for you. Remember the domain has to be valid if you plan on going this route.

Another solution would be to download the orders that have this error by clicking the "Download" button in the error messages section of EZ Importer. You can then edit (or create a new data mapping) the data mapping you used and unselect the email field and any other customer information you are importing. Then re-import the failed orders.

Unfortunately EZ Importer does not have control over this validation, so there isn't much else we can do. If you have other questions or would like some help importing orders with an invalid email address feel free to contact us.

App: EZ Importer

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