Disable Strict Address Validation

When importing your orders into Shopify if you provide an address without the last_name or name, address1, country or city fields, Shopify will import your order but the address will not be added. This means when you import your order, it will successfully import to Shopify but no address will display on the order.

This behavior is not expected and when doing large imports, you may not realize that a bunch of your orders were imported but they don't have any of your customer address information. Because of this we have very strict address validation in EZ Importer. This means if any of the above fields are missing, your order will not import. This way you can fix the data and import again.

However, there are situations where you may not care if you have a correct address or you may not be able to fix the address data you're trying to import. If you want your orders to import even if the address data is invalid you can do so by selecting the ignore shipping and billing address validation field on your data mapping.

Disable Strict Address Validation

Once you have this option clicked and saved, any imports you do with this data mapping will bypass the address validation before sending it to Shopify. Just be aware, that if you are missing the last_name or name, address1, country or city the order will import but will not have any associated address data with it. For more information on the shipping and billing address works click here.

If you have any more questions or concerns about how this works feel free to contact us.

App: EZ Importer

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