Fraud Analysis says a payment request was attempted. Did you try and charge my customer?

When importing orders you may notice the fraud analysis on your order in Shopify says "There was 1 payment attempt".

This is actually normal behavior for orders that are created with transactions on them. You can rest assured that EZ Importer and Shopify have NOT actually charged anyone money for your orders. EZ Importer never provides any credit card details upon order creation so even if Shopify did make an attempt they would not have enough information to receive the funds.

If you do not want the payment attempt to appear in the order's fraud analysis, you'll have to import your orders without any transactions. This also means Shopify will assume no funds were ever collected for the order. Fraud analysis will still appear on the order, but it would not show a payment attempt being made.

As long as there is a transaction record provided on your order the Fraud analysis will display a payment attempt. Since you are importing the order with a transaction record, it is assumed that a payment was made with an external payment method, some merchants find value in the fraud level being analyzed to whatever extent is possible with the provided information. You can think of this as Shopify still running the fraud analysis on your order as it's assuming the payment was made, but Shopify did not actually make the payment attempt.

We would like to re-iterate that EZ Importer will never instruct Shopify to make a payment attempt to your customer when importing orders. We do not accept credit card data as an import source and we never make any API calls to instruct Shopify to make payments for any orders being imported. When importing orders with transactions, Shopify creates transaction records in their database but never attempts payment. Shopify itself assumes a payment was made so your order will look and act as if one was made.

If you have further questions about imported orders and payment attempts please don't hesitate to reach out.

App: EZ Importer

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