How Do I Add Customers with My Import?

When importing your orders, you may want to import customer data as well. This way you can import all of your customers at the same time as your order. To add customers to your order you'll want to go to the Customer tab of the Data Mapping.

Customer Data MappingFrom here you'll be able to add the customers email, first name, last name, phone and note. The only field that is required when importing customer data is the email address. The email address is used by Shopify to determine if the customer already exists. If the email address is found, Shopify will update the customer information and associate the imported orders with that customer. If the email address is not found, Shopify will create a new customer record.

Customer Accounts & Passwords

EZ Importer does NOT support importing your customer passwords. This would be considered a security vulnerability as migrating your customers passwords would mean you have access to your customers plain text passwords. If you are migrating your customer data and want your customers to be able to log into your store, you will need to force them to do a password reset.

If you would like to have your customers log into your store you need to setup Customer Accounts in Shopify. This is not something EZ Importer does for you. You can read more about it in Shopify's documentation,

EZ Importer was not designed to migrate your customer accounts, the customer data that is imported is specifically designed to support your Orders. This allows you to associate order data with a customer so you can keep track of customer spend, etc.

Shipping and Billing Address

When adding or associating customers with your imports you can also provide their billing and shipping address. When you do this, the billing and shipping address will be associated with that customer. This means, when you go to the customer profile page you'll see the customers Shipping and billing address associated with them.

Shopify Customer Profile

From the Shopify admin you can edit or delete any of the address information that you've imported. This will help you keep a complete set of customer details.

App: EZ Importer

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