How do I add Tax Lines to my Import?

In this article we'll walk you through how to add tax lines to your import. Tax Lines are used to itemize your taxes on an order. The prices you use in your tax lines will not be added to the calculated price of the order, to do this you'll need to map a total_tax field, you can read more about total taxes here. Tax Lines are used by Shopify for display purposes only.

If you add tax lines to your order, Shopify will not validate them against the total taxes field. You'll need to make sure the total taxes match your tax lines total.

When mapping your CSV file you'll notice a tab called Tax Lines. Here you'll see three fields associated with your tax lines; tax_lines.price.0, tax_lines.rate.0 and tax_lines.title.0.

Tax Line Fields

For now you can ignore the number at the end of the field name. The tax_lines.price is the amount of tax to be charged. The tax_lines.rate is the rate of tax to be applied and the tax_lines.title is the name of the tax. You can map these fields like any other field in your CSV file.

Shopify allows multiple tax lines per order, hence the number at the end of the tax line Shopify field. If you want to import multiple tax lines for your order, you'll need to provide another set of tax line columns in your CSV file. Once you have your CSV file set up correctly click the Add Tax Line Row button on the top right hand side of the tax lines table. This will add another set of tax lines to the table.

Add tax line row

As you can see the new tax line rows will have a number appended to the end of the field. From here you can map the additional tax line columns in your CSV file to the tax line rows above. If you want to add another set of tax lines again, simply click the Add Tax Line Row button for another row to show up. At this time EZ Importer only supports 5 tax line rows.

Once you have everything mapped you can go ahead and start your import. Assuming you've mapped the total tax rows correctly your order should show up like below.

Shopify Admin Tax Lines

As you can see from the screenshot above, we have two tax line fields that we've mapped from our CSV file. We also mapped the total_tax field as mentioned here to ensure our tax lines are added to the total price.

Tax Rate Format

When adding your tax_rate, Shopify will display the value as a percentage but you have to enter it as a decimal value.  Shopify does the conversion so if you add your tax_rate as a whole number the value will not be displayed correctly by Shopify.  For example, if you want to enter a tax rate of 5%, you will need to import the data as .05 in your CSV file.  

If you have any other questions about how to add your total tax lines please feel free to let us know.

App: EZ Importer

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