I imported a refunded order but the refund doesn't show up on my reports. How can I fix this?

The first thing you need to do is mark the financial status as refunded. This will mark the order as refund. To get the order to show up in the reports you'll need to add a transaction line for the order. This lets Shopify know that money has been exchanged on the order. To get the order setup correctly, we'll need to import two transactions. The first transaction is for the original payment and the second transaction is for the refunded payment. To do this you'll need to create multiple transaction mappings using the data mapper. You can see how to do this by clicking here.

If you're working with orders that are refunded and you want them marked as fulfilled, you'll also need to map the fulfillment_status on the Order Details tab. This is different than the fulfillment_status on the Line Items tab as it marks the fulfillment status for the entire order not just the line item. If you do not map this field when doing a refund your order will be imported as unfulfilled.

Once you have your data mapping mapped with multiple transactions you can import your order. After the order is successfully imported log into the Shopify admin and navigate to the order you just.

In our example you can see the order is marked as Refunded. We have two transactions on the order, the first is the original amount paid by the customer and the second is the refund of $250.50 applied to the order. You'll also notice the section (below the Timeline right under where it says Today) below the order totals. As you can see we have two lines of text here for each transaction that's been applied to the order. If you click on the text it will open to give you more information about the transaction.

Now the refund amount for the order will show up in your reports. If you have any other questions about transactions please don't hesitate to let us know.

App: EZ Importer

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