Line Item Title Can Not Be Blank

If you import orders that have a blank line item you may get an error that says Line Item Title Can Not Be Blank. This error happens because Shopify requires you to provide a line item title with all orders.

Line Item Title Blank

If you're linking your orders to your products by the product SKU and you are not mapping the line item title to a field in your CSV file, this means EZ Importer was not able to find your product by the SKU. This usually happens for a few reasons:

  1. The SKU does not match any SKU's in your Shopify store. If you think you have provided the correct SKU, make sure the case matches exactly. SKUs are case sensitive so the SKU's must match exactly.
  2. Make sure you have clicked the link by product SKU configuration option in your data mapping and make sure you have your SKU mapped to the correct field. For more information about how this feature works click here.

If you are mapping the line item title to a column in your CSV file, you need to make sure you provide a value for this field. If you are not linking your orders by product SKU you have to make sure this field is populated as it's required by Shopify.

App: EZ Importer

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