I'm getting an error telling me "The following fields are required". How can I fix this?

When creating a Data Mapping for your import you need to "map" the csv column with the Shopify field and select the fields you want to import. This gives you the flexibility to only import the fields you want from your csv file. After you've selected the column headers from your csv file, click the check boxes to the left of the field you want to import.

Activate Shopify Field

Once you've select the fields you want to import you can click the save button on the bottom of the page.

Remember, selecting the "Header Name" from your csv file does not select the filed, you must click the checkbox to the left of the field.

Also note that all imports must have an order name, line_item.title, line_item.price and line_item.quantity. For more details on required fields click here.

App: EZ Importer

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