Updating Your Fulfillment Location

Updating your order's fulfillment location is pretty straightforward. There are a few things that you have to look out for. The first and biggest confusion is mapping the fulfillment location. Shopify supports two location_id fields. One to set the location of where the order was taken, this is mainly for Shopify Point of Sale users and one to set the location on your fulfillment.

If you want to set the location of your fulfillment center or warehouse, you'll want to use the location_id on the Fulfillment tab.

Setting Location On Fulfilled Orders

At this time Shopify does not allow you to change the location on fulfilled orders. Because they force us to set the fulfillment location to the default location when the order is created, we can not move the fulfillment location after the order is created. If you try to do this Shopify will return an error. The order will be created but the location of the fulfillment will be set to the default location in your Shopify admin.

Mapping Your Fulfillment Location

Click the More Fields tab so the Fulfillment tab is displayed. When you click this tab you'll see a mapping for the assigned_location_id. This is the field you want to map.

At this time we only support providing the location id of your fulfillment location, not the location name. To find your store's location go to Settings -> Location in your Shopify store admin. Click the location you'd like to use as your fulfillment location. The ID of this location can be found in the URL.

Setting a Default Fulfillment Location

If you don't set a default fulfillment location using the Fulfillment mapping, Shopify will default your orders fulfillment location to the first location in the list of locations in your Shopify admin. If you want all your orders to be set to the same location which is different from the first location in your Shopify admin you can also use our default configurations option.

The benefit of using this feature is you do not have to add the location to your CSV file and you do not have to map it. To set a default location, set the fulfillment_orders.assigned_location_id to the location id you want to use.

Partially Fulfilled Orders

You can change the location of your fulfilled and unfulfilled orders when you have the location_id field mapped or set up in your default configurations.  This will set the location on the fulfillment section of your order to the location you specify.  However, there is one minor limitation when setting your location on partially_fulfilled orders.  Due to the way the Shopify API works we are not able to set the location on the fulfilled section of a partially fulfilled order.  Meaning, if you configure the location to be set and run an import on a partially_fulfilled order, the unfulfilled section of the order will have the location set to the one you specify and the fulfilled section of the order will use the default location.  We are looking for workarounds to make this work and will update this section once/if it's supported.

Fulfillment Location Errors

When adding a location to your orders we have to create the order and then set the location from the default location to the location you provide when your order is not marked fulfilled. If for some reason the order can not have its location changed, you will see an error on the Import Page. Click on the Post Import Log tab at the bottom of the page to view any errors while trying to set your location. 

Remember, any orders that have errors while trying to set the fulfillment location will be imported with the default location.  

Fixing Errors And Deleting Orders

If your import has errors when trying to set the location, you may need to fix the order data and re-import the orders.  If the error is on all orders the easiest way to remove all the orders affected is by deleting the entire import.  However, you may find yourself in a situation where some of the orders have errors and some have been imported correctly.

If you need to delete orders that only have errors updating your fulfillment location, click the View All button on the Post Import Log tab at the bottom of the Review Import page.  

From here you can download the orders that have errors or you can delete selected orders.  If you're looking for all orders that have errors, type "error" into the Search box.  This will filter all orders that have been imported and display just the orders with errors.

From here you can select the orders you want to delete from your Shopify store.  All deleted orders will have their credits added back to your credit bank.

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