Can I Add Tags to All Orders and Order Specific Tags From My CSV?

There are two primary methods for adding tags to your orders: default tags and CSV-mapped tags.

  1. Default Tags: These are universal tags that can be added to all your orders. They will be automatically applied unless you've specifically mapped tags to your orders or provided tags in your CSV file. If the 'tags' column in your CSV file is empty, the default tags will be added.

  2. CSV-Mapped Tags: These are tags applied to your orders based on the specific mappings in your CSV file.

Furthermore, you can use the 'Append mapped tags to defaults' option to add both default and CSV-mapped tags simultaneously. This feature allows the coexistence of default tags and those specifically mapped in your CSV file.

Appending Mapped Tags To Your Default Tags

To import both the default tags and the tags found in your order, select the Append mapped tags to defaults option found in the Default Fields Configuration section.  

Enabling this flag will tell EZ Importer to merge the default tags and any tags in your CSV file.  If your CSV file has no tags found, EZ Importer will add the default tags only.

App: EZ Importer

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