Can I export my Shopify data directly to Tableau?

Unfortunately, EZ Exporter doesn't have a direct integration with Tableau.

However, our app has an integration with Google Sheets and Tableau also has a Google Sheets integration.

With this in mind, a setup like this might work:

  1. Use EZ Exporter to export the data from Shopify to an existing Google Sheets spreadsheet. You can schedule the export to run automatically as well to periodically push new data to Google Sheets.
  2. Connect Tableau to this same Google Sheets spreadsheet to read the Shopify data exported by our app. You can read more about Tableau's Google Sheets connector here.

With this setup, Google Sheets basically acts as the "bridge" here to get your data into Tableau.

Please note that we're not familiar with Tableau and haven't tried this setup ourselves.  This is just a potential workaround you might want to explore if you're already an EZ Exporter user and looking for a way to get your Shopify data into Tableau.

App: EZ Exporter

Tags: integrations, google sheets, tableau