Do you have a template similar to Shopify's default order CSV export?

EZ Exporter does have a pre-set template you can use that's very similar to Shopify's default order CSV export.

However, we can't match their CSV file exactly as our app can't pull the data for a few of the columns that are available in Shopify's default CSV.

Such columns include:

  • Employee (our app can only pull the User ID of the staff who created the order but not the full name)
  • Location
  • Receipt Number
  • Payment Terms Name
  • Next Payment Due At

The data in a few columns will also vary slightly:

  • Payment Reference (our app will just have the number portion without the prefix and suffix)
  • Payment Method (we can't pull the display name, e.g. our app will export the text "paypal" instead of "PayPal")

Shopify's default CSV file also tend to change from time to time and additional columns may be added in the future.

In the app, you can find this template on the Templates page > Orders tab and it's named "Shopify Default Format (Similar But Not Exact, Last 7 Days Orders)".

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