EZ Exporter Extra Options

We provide additional options for further customization of your reports.

Exclude Columns

You can enter a comma-separated list of column names here to exclude from the export.

Below are a few use cases where this might come in handy.

Filtering based on the output of a complex Calculated Field

There may be cases where you need to filter the data using complex logic that the standard filtering operators don't support.  In this case, you can create a Calculated Field instead for more flexibility and then filter the data based on that custom Calculated Field column.

You may not want that custom column included in the report, however, so you can utilize this option to exclude that column post-filtering.

When using the Grouping and Aggregation feature

When grouping and aggregating data, only fields part of the grouping and agregation will have values.  You might want to manipulate the aggregated values further using Calculated Fields, but don't want the orginal values in the exported file.  For example, you might want to add a currency symbol or make the value of an aggregated field negative.

This option will let you exclude those original aggregated fields on export while still able to reference them in Calculated Fields.

When sorting by a Custom Field or Calculated Field

For example, you might want to sort your data based on values from multiple fields. Our app only supports sorting by one column but a workaround is to create a Custom Field that combines values from multiple fields, sort by that Custom Field, and then exclude that column from the final export.

Create a duplicate row per line item quantity

Applies only to Order and Draft Order data exports. This option will repeat a row based on the quantity of each line item in the order.

For example, if a customer orders 5 of a particular product/variant, instead of having one row for that product/variant with quantity of 5 in the report, this option will instead create 5 rows with quantity set to 1. Some systems may require the CSV file formatted this way when shipping items separately.

Please note that there's a limit of 1,000 duplicate rows per line item.

When this option is enabled, the following special fields also become available:

  • {{ line_items._original_quantity }} - The total quantity ordered for this line item.
  • {{ line_items._duplicate_index }} - The index of the duplicated quantity row. Index starts at 0.

An actual use case from one of our customers is they wanted to include a column in the report that says something like: 1 of 3, 2 of 3, 3 of 3. Using the special fields above, we were able to come up with a formula that can be used in a Calculated Field to do this:

str({{ line_items._duplicate_index }} + 1) + " of " + str({{ line_items._original_quantity }})

App: EZ Exporter

Tags: advanced features