How do I export fields from Shopify's Google Shopping app?

Shopify's official Google Shopping app stores the data in Product Metafields.

EZ Exporter can export these fields by specifying the Metafield key in the Data Settings under "Product Metafields." Please note that only the "key" is required in EZ Exporter and it's case-sensitive.

Shopify Google Shopping App - Export fields with EZ Exporter metafields feature.

Here's a list of available Google Shopping fields that can be exported:

Manufacturer Part Number

  • namespace: global
  • key: MPN

Google Product Type

Adwords Grouping

  • namespace: google
  • key: adwords_grouping
  • description: Used to group products for use in AdWords campaigns and for controlling CPC.

Adwords Labels

  • namespace: google
  • key: adwords_labels
  • description: Used to filter products into different AdWords campaigns and for controlling CPC.


  • namespace: google
  • key: condition
  • description: The condition of the product (one of new, used, or refurbished).

Custom Label 0

  • namespace: google
  • key: custom_label_0

Custom Label 1

  • namespace: google
  • key: custom_label_1

Custom Label 2

  • namespace: google
  • key: custom_label_2

Custom Label 3

  • namespace: google
  • key: custom_label_3

App: EZ Exporter

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