How do I export international prices of Shopify product variants?

If you have International Pricing (Multi-Currency) enabled in Shopify or if you use Shopify Markets, you can export the adjusted variant prices in different currencies as part of your product data export with EZ Exporter.

On the Shopify backend, this data is stored in a single field called variants.presentment_prices as JSON data.

To create separate columns for the prices in different currencies, you can use a formula like this under the Calculated Fields section in the Data Settings:

search_attributes({{ variants.presentment_prices }}, "EUR", search_key="price.currency_code", result_key="price.amount")

The above will pull the value of the variant price in EUR.

Simply repeat the formula above to export the amount in other currencies, replacing the part in bold with the currency code.

The output will look something like this:

At the moment, the Shopify API only supports international pricing by currency code and not by country code.  So it's currently not possible to differentiate prices among different countries that use the same currency (e.g. France and Germany both use EUR).

App: EZ Exporter

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