How do I export only the Shopify orders that were refunded or partially refunded?

In EZ Exporter, you may notice that in the Data Settings > Filters > Payment Status, you can only set one type of payment status.

The reason is these filters get sent to the Shopify API directly and the API only allows filtering by one status at a time.

For more advanced filtering, you can use the Custom Filters section like this to only include Shopify orders that are either in "refunded" or "partially_refunded" status.

Export Shopify Refunded or Partially Refunded Orders to CSVAs you can see from the screenshot, we request orders of any payment status from the Shopify API first. We then use Custom Filters to handle the more advanced filtering to only include orders where the Financial Status is either "refunded" or "partially refunded." You can include additional financial/payment status values here as needed separated by a comma.

Below is a list of the valid Financial Status values (source):

  • pending
  • authorized
  • partially_paid
  • partially_refunded
  • refunded
  • voided

Please note that if you only need to filter by one financial/payment status, we recommend setting it in the main "Filters" section instead of the "Custom Filters" section to reduce the amount of data to request from the Shopify API and speed up the export process.

Update: You can now select a preset option called "Partially Refunded or Refunded" under Filters > Payment Status.

App: EZ Exporter

Tags: filters, refunds, shopify orders