How do I export the "Customs Information" fields such as the Country of Origin and Harmonized System Code?

In the Shopify Admin's product variant detail page, you'll see this section for the "Customs Information" where you can specify the HS Tariff Code and Country of Origin for that product:

Shopify Admin - Customs Information - Country of Origin and HS Tariff Code

Shopify stores these fields in the InventoryItem resource and EZ Exporter can export these data for you by selecting the following fields in the Data Settings:

Product export:

  • variants.inventory_item.harmonized_system_code
  • variants.inventory_item.country_code_of_origin

Order and Draft Order exports:

  • line_items.variant.inventory_item.harmonized_system_code
  • line_items.variant.inventory_item.country_code_of_origin

Note: If you're currently using the Product Variant Metafield key "harmonized_system_code" to pull the HS Tariff Code, we recommend to switch to this one instead as Shopify is planning to remove that Metafield key in the near future. More info about this update here.

App: EZ Exporter

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