How do I filter my Shopify orders to exclude all cancelled orders?

There may be times where you want to export all Shopify orders that are either in open or closed status and exclude those that are cancelled.

Since the Shopify API doesn't provide a filter for "open and closed" order status, what we can do instead in EZ Exporter is to filter the data in two steps.

First, in the Data Settings, under Filters, choose the option "Any" for "Order status":

Shopify Orders - 'Any' status

Then in the Custom Filters section, add a filter where "Cancelled At" has a condition of "is blank."

Shopify Orders - "Cancelled At" is blank filter

The logic here is the "Cancelled At" field will be empty if the order wasn't cancelled, so including only the orders where the "Cancelled At" field is blank will essentially exclude all cancelled orders.

App: EZ Exporter

Tags: advanced features, filters