Why are the values from the export don't match the Shopify Analytics reports?

When you use the Grouping and Agregation feature in EZ Exporter to summarize the data from a detailed data export, the values won't match the ones in the Shopify Admin > Analytics > Reports as they're calculated differently. Our app will only match the values from Shopify's detailed order CSV export.

For example, in the Analytics > Dashboards > Total sales report in the Shopify Admin, refunds are based on the refund date and not the order date. In our app, we just group by the order date and we can't really match the model that Shopify uses as it requires a more complicated SQL query which we don't support (like doing multiple table joins).

We've asked Shopify about this and this is what they told us:

Each report is based off of a different reporting schema, so for example a Finances report is a different model than the Sales report model. This means that figures will be different....As mentioned, each report will pull values differently. Also, you never want to compare exported orders to reports.

App: EZ Exporter

Tags: shopify reports, shopify analytics