Can I export custom product attributes created with apps such as Infinite Options and Product Options as part of my Shopify order CSV export?

Apps such as Infinite Options by ShopPad, Product Options by BOLD, Product Personalizer by Zepto Apps, Dynamic Product Options by ITORIS INC, and Product Options Variant Option by Globo that let your customers add custom product options when placing an order usually store this data in the Line Item Properties field of the Shopify order.

There are multiple ways you can export this data with EZ Exporter:

  • Select the field called This will export the raw JSON data of this field which contains all the line item properties data for each order.
  • Select the fields and This will give you a column with all the property names separated by a comma in one column and another column for the values.
  • Place each property in separate columns using our search_attributes() function in a Calculated Field.

If you need help figuring this out, please don't hesitate to reach out!

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