How can I put each line item property into its own column?

We support a function called search_attributes(data, property_name) which enables our users to do this.

For example, let's say you have Line Item Property called "Birthday" that you want to include in your report as a separate column.

To do so, in the Calculated Fields section of the Order Data Settings, simply use this formula:

search_attributes({{ }}, "Birthday")

If you have other properties you'd like to place into their own columns, simply repeat the formula above in additional Calculated Fields and replace "Birthday" with the name of the other properties.

Here's a screenshot of what this looks like in the app:

EZ Exporter - Calculated Fields Formula fo Exporting Shopify Line Item Properties

You can find the name of each line item property from the Shopify Admin's order detail page as shown below:

Shopify Admin - Order Detail - Line Item Properties

Using the search_attributes() formula for each of the line item property will output something like this:

Shopify CSV Export of Individual Line Item Properties from an Order

Also see our blog post for more info.

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